Is your website mobile friendly?

Google recently announced that they plan on penalizing website for not upgrading their existing website to be mobile responsive.

If your website passes the test, you will see a green message that says Awesome! This page is mobile-friendly.. If it does not pass, the message will be red and say Not mobile-friendly.

In the event that your website does not pass the mobile test, it will also give you the reasons why it failed such as the content is wider than the screen or links are too close together.

This is the tool that shows you if Google considers your page mobile friendly or not. If the tool says “no” then the page will be pushed down in the mobile search results in favor of similar pages from other sites that are mobile friendly.
Check your site here using Googles tool. has a tool that offers some useful information on how to improve the site as well.

An my favorite show a range of devices showing how your site renders.

Whichever one you use make the proper adjustment to your site or fear Google down rank of your site. Not to mention that a new study shows that 50% of searches are from mobile devices.