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What do people say about your company when you’re not in the room? That’s your brand.

It’s your reputation. The personality of your business. When someone hears your company’s name or sees your logo, it’s the first thing that pops into their mind.

First impressions are hard to get right, but lasting impressions are even harder. Building your brand doesn’t happen overnight. It takes work. It takes promises kept and products delivered. But it also takes strategy. You have influence over the way your clients perceive your business.
 Will they perceive you as boring, vague, and average? Or will you be exceptional, honest, and genuine?
 When you form a strategy to build your brand, you become intentional about the way your reputation is formed. What could be better than that?

New York Branding Agency with Substance

Merola Design is known not only as a design, digital marketing, and SEO services provider, but also as an experienced branding consultant in New York, who knows how to create brands that connect, resonate, and spread like wildfire. For more than 20 years, Robert Merola, the founder and creative director of the studio, has been developing effective visual communications and designing corporate identities for various companies and startups. His design studio is ready to give a new life and style to your business as well.

What is a Brand?

Nowadays the word “brand” has become quite popular. However, not everyone has the right understanding of the real meaning behind it. For some people, it is simply a synonym for a trademark or logo. That is true, but only a small part of it because a brand is an abstract notion, which includes many characteristics related to certain products, designs, services, and even individuals. As a rule, the word “brand” signifies high-quality products or services as well as respected and trustworthy trademarks. To become a recognizable brand means reaching a level when your products and services begin to stand out from the competition and possess their own distinctive characteristics and features. A brand image also includes associations and feelings evoked within a consumer when certain trademarks or their products/services are mentioned. A brand is everything that a client is thinking about when exposed to your company’s name.

Create a Positive Image of Your Business with a Trustworthy NYC Branding Agency

How do you turn your product or service into a recognizable brand with a positive image? Of course, it does not happen overnight. It requires time and hard work. Besides, it requires professional help and guidance from branding experts, who know the right approaches and strategies to effectively promote your business and create a positive image for your trademark. Along with the design services, Merola, a NYC branding studio, specializes in developing, maintaining, and improving brands. So, if you are wrestling with how to present your brand to the world, Merola’s expertise is what you need. After learning about your business core values and a target group with whom you want to resonate, the branding studio will create a visual identity for your company and help you to promote it through market analysis and development of relevant marketing, digital, and social media strategies and solutions.

Why You Need Branding Experts’ Help

A positive brand image is what allows you to gain the advantage over your competitors, fortify your brand’s communication strategy and expand your target audience. It is what makes you stand out. Choosing the right branding consultant to work alongside with will help you to achieve all these things and even more.  A branding expert will help you understand what makes you, you. He will shape and support your company’s reputation and make your business stronger.

If you are looking for a branding agency in New York, Merola Design, an experienced NYC branding consultant, is ready to help your business grow, increase your brand awareness, drive sales, and build relationships. Understanding that every brand is unique, Merola will craft a custom approach to your project and provide the necessary tools to make it exceptional, genuine, and honest in the eyes of your clients.

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