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For more than two decades, Merola Design has built identities and websites that have strengthened the brands of dozens of NY businesses of all sizes. Below you’ll find a list of our most popular services:

Corporate Identity

Your corporate identity is an extension of who you are as a business. A visual representation of your values. Your identity is built into every point of contact between you and your potential customers – from the top of every page of your website to every business card you hand out.
Your identity shouldn’t be formed flippantly. You can’t just “slap a logo” on your business materials and call it a day. Forming your identity takes care and crafting. 
If you get it right, people will notice and remember you. You’ll strike a chord with your customers, and every aspect of your image to the world will work together in perfect concert. 
If you get it wrong, potential customers will walk right past you without even a cursory glance. 
Nail down your corporate identity, know who you are, and you’ll be able to attract just the type of customers you want.


What do people say about your company when you’re not in the room? That’s your brand. It’s your reputation. The promise of your business. When someone hears your company’s name or sees your logo, it’s the first thing that pops into their mind.

First impressions are hard to get right, but lasting impressions are even harder. Building your brand doesn’t happen overnight. It takes work. It takes promises kept and products delivered. But it also takes strategy. You have influence over the way your clients perceive your business.
Will they perceive you as boring, vague, and average? Or will you be exceptional, honest, and genuine?
When you form a strategy to build your brand, you become intentional about the way your reputation is formed. What could be better than that?

Web Design

The internet isn’t just for sharing cat videos. It’s where people research the things they want to buy. Make the most of your website and stop leaving your money on the table.

In the history of the internet, it has never been easier to make a website inexpensively. That’s one of the reasons why there are so many awful-looking websites.
 “A friend of mine is good with computers and said he’d build my site.” These are famous last words. You wouldn’t hire an amateur to build your brick and mortar store, so why hire one to build your online storefront?

Almost every client of ours has a story about how they hired the wrong person to build their website and now have to fix it.
 Hire the right person the first time. It’s likely that this is your business’ most valuable piece of real estate. Make sure it radiates quality just like every other part of your business.

Digital Marketing

Marketing went off and got all complicated in the digital age. You have people tweeting a link to their Facebook post about how to integrate your Pinterest account to Instagram. And those are just the major social media accounts. Maintaining and integrating all these accounts can get very time consuming, especially for busy business owners. Unscramble your brain. Let us take care of everything for you. We can manage marketing for your email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media accounts. Your brand will remain consistent across each platform, and you’ll reap the benefits of the modern age of marketing without driving yourself crazy.

Print Design

“Print is dead!” “It’s virtual everything now!”
If you’ve heard statements like these, you know people have been predicting the extinction of printed materials practically since the Al Gore invented the internet. Except it hasn’t happened. The reality is print marketing is alive and well. In fact, it can be what helps your business excel.
Ten years ago, having a great website made you stand out. Now – it’s the default. The cost of doing business. Having a professional looking website is a necessity, not a point of difference. However, amidst the race to make all information readable from a screen:
People are rediscovering their love of paper. The feel, the smell, the sound of pages turning. Paper is tactile, tangible.
And because many businesses have abandoned print marketing, your business can make printed campaigns your competitive advantage – if you do them right. Make a business card that feels different and substantial while looking stunning. Make a brochure that sells your business in a palpable way. Print is here to stay, and you can make the most of it.


As humans, we’ve developed language as a means to convey our ideas. But what happens when you use the wrong words? Your ideas will have zero impact. You don’t want that. The right combination of words can be as piercing as a bullet. But too many businesses skimp on professional copy, so their shots fall short of the target. When you use professional copywriting, your thoughts become clear to your customers. They hear the exact message you’re trying to deliver. When your customers clearly understand your products and the message behind them, sales barriers are broken through with ease. Why hand out a brochure if you’re going to put the reader to sleep with the writing? What good is it to do all the marketing work reeling customers into your website if you’re just going to let them off the hook at the last minute with ineffective copy? Can you see those sales swimming away now? I work with professional copywriters who know how to convert the leads you work so hard to bring in.

Web Hosting

Web hosting is one of those mundane details about your day to day operations that you never really get excited about. That is, until something goes terribly wrong with it. Then it’s the most important aspect of your business. We don’t expect you to get really excited about web hosting, but you should know that you need to get it right in order to be properly secured. If you don’t have reliable hosting, your entire website could go offline. And while it’s down, everyone who wanted to visit your site will go buy from someone else. The servers where we’ll host your site are state of the art and scanned daily for possible threats. Backup safeguards ensure that your online sales force (your website) won’t slow down for even a minute. And if you ever need to, you can reboot the site and return it to its original state. With our servers, we make sure that the boring detail of web hosting stays boring and predictable.

Search Engine Optimization

Wouldn’t it be amazing if customers who never knew you existed could find you in 0.28 seconds? What is this sorcery, you ask? It’s a search engine. Google and other search engines expand the possibilities of your reach beyond any other methods of the past. The difficult part is figuring out how they work and setting up your site to make the best use of them. Most free template, one-stop website solutions do nothing to help your search engine rankings. We bake it right in from the beginning. By utilizing the proper site structure and keywords, we make sure your site will be seen by your target customer. Search engines present a wonderful opportunity to be discovered, and we help you make the most of them.